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Monday, 30 June 2008

MIRC SMB ITC Roadshow 2008 - Johor Bahru

I have written on a number of roadshow events that are organised by the MCA arm, MIRC. This 1st July, 2008, the roadshow will touch base in Johor Bahru, giving folks there a chance to explore the world of small and medium scale business with a focus on ITC and online business.

If you have been contemplating if you should venture into online business, particularly if this is the right time to venture into such a business, in view of the global economic meltdown; if you have ever wondered how you will be able to start an online business with limited capital or how to receive payment from your buyers, maybe this workshop will be helpful in answering your questions or doubts.

You will also get to ask questions pertaining to trading on eBay as two eBay Education Specialist will be on hand to clear your doubts. Before I forget, this programme is open o everyone and admission is free so you should not miss this chance.

For more information and registration, check THIS LINK.


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