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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Limited Time Offer By C’elle

When I first heard of the revolutionary stem cell service by C'elle, which harvests a woman's menstrual fluid for stem cells, process and store them, I thought that this is the best news to all women.

Finally, here is a way for us to be in control of our future health. I am someone who worries about my health a lot, mainly because so many diseases are hereditary and I saw how my grandparents suffered from one kind of illness or another, and finally succumbed to them.

Since that day, I have spent time reading on all about C'elle and I have to say that it's an innovative way to take charge of our health.

Also, for business-minded people who would like the additional income, they could become C'elle Distributor, earning commissions and at the same time spreading the service to female friends and family. However, I think that to become C'elle Distributor, you would need to be a woman. :-)

And I have saved the best news for last! C'elle is currently having a limited time offer for people to order their first year service online for only US$499 so don't miss out on this chance!


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