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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Are You As Confused As I Am?

I thought I was the only one who could hardly find my way among all the different boards and sub-sections of eBay's community forum. The other day, I read a fellow eBay member complaining that he could not get specific answers each time he needed them unless he looks for Live Support to point out the link to him.

Yes, even veteran members find difficultly navigating the site for SPECIFIC answers when a problem crops up. I could not understand why there must be a place for Announcements, another section for eBay newbies, one for international traders and one for general chatting, got Q & A and for feedback.

Also, I would like to point out that for Malaysian eBay community website, there was this guy who has been featured on the member spotlight for AGES since the day the website of eBay Malaysia has been revamped.

Until today, I cannot understand why there must be so many different boards when one all-in-one forum with specific sections would suffice. As a web user, I don’t ask for much, except that websites be more user-friendly!


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