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Sunday, 29 June 2008

More Valuable Than Insurance

Last week, when I wrote about C'elle Stem Cell Research Innovation of harvesting stem cells from menstrual blood, a few of my female friends thought that this is an excellent method to protect ourselves from future diseases. The best thing about these stem cells that are harvested, processed and stored, is that they could be transformed into other stem cells and are a potential match to other family members of the woman. Therefore, not only is the woman herself protected, her first degree family members including her parents, siblings and children would have an excellent chance of being protected.

This innovation is new to me and I tried to read up as much as possible, including reading C'elle Client Testimonial. As far as I know, only baby cord blood stem cells are available here in Malaysia so I think that Americans are so lucky to have this option in their hands.

Storing stem cells is would be as important and as common as insurance. In fact, it is even more valuable than insurance because this is something that money cannot buy! If you would like to obtain further information on C'elle's innovative menstrual stem cell technologies, visit


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