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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Protecting Baby, Protecting Mothers

The other day, I wrote about C'elle which I also told some of my friends who are not bloggers and do not read blogs. It is too bad because we learn so many new things through blogging.

Today, I have more information to share, not only on women's health but also on the health of the whole family. The other day, when I was shopping and approached by a lady about cord blood storage, I thought to myself that for us who never had such services when we were babies and our mothers did not have this option to store our stem cells, what chance do we have to fight diseases in future?

We can actually reverse the situation thanks to Cryo-Cell Innovative Stem Cell Solutions. For ladies, there's menstrual blood that could be used to harvest stem cells. However, the best time for most women is when they are about to give birth.

If you read more about Cryo-Cell's "Protect Baby, Protect Mom", you will know that Cryo-Cell has a good chance of protecting the entire family because of the high chances of matching specimens with first degree relatives.

Right now, Cryo-Cell is running a "Protect Baby, Protect Mom" Special Limited-Time Introductory Offer. Do read more about this on the website of


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