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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Smart Property Investment

It's a ruckus over here at home because the house opposite of mine is undergoing major renovation. You know, the new owner bought the house recently for RM250,000! And it is only a single story corner terrace house!

Moreover, his renovation will cost him almost RM100,000 since the cost of material has risen so much no thanks to the rise in fuel prices recently.

Everyone is saying how silly it is of him to splash RM350,000 on an old single story terrace house. But then maybe he wants the location. If I have RM350,000 to spare, I would have invested into commercial real estate. Yes, Ipoh is still relatively cheaper so it is still possible to buy property around that price. Of course, it would not be in prime areas but still within Ipoh.

Well, we may think he’s silly right now but we never know what’s on his mind or the property investments that he already has. After all, who still has RM350,000 to spare at this time?


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