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Friday, 25 July 2008

Affiliate Programmes

I have wanted to start an affiliate and try to make some money online via affiliate programmes since I started my blog but somehow things got in a whirlwind not long afterwards and I did not have the time to concentrate on it or pick up one that would bring home the bacon. I did check out some programs though. I even signed with a few companies but I have yet to pick out the items that I would want to promote big time.

So far, a few of my friends have managed to earn a little money from affiliate programmes. It's nothing to write home about but it is a good start. They tell me that pushing sales in affiliate programmes need a good strategy as well but of course they are not sharing what they know.

Anyway, I guess now that I have plans to sell ladies fashion on line, I would not have time to explore the opportunity to make money from affiliate programs. I would like to try this out, though and hopefully this will bring in the residual income that I long for.


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