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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Affordable Fashion Frames

Do you have friends who change their glasses regularly? Some of my friends even have a different pair of glasses every day. Of course, there are also some who will wear the same pair of glasses through a few years but that's becoming rare as frames are getting cheaper and more fashionable.

For friends who change their glasses so regularly, I have often wondered who they could afford to do so. Well, with stores like Zenni Optical, of course they could do so. Check out Zenni Optical at They have a great range of frames starting from US$8 only. That's a very competitive price, I tell you.

Apparently, they are able to maintain such a good deal as they manufacture their own frames so they do not have to go through middlemen. Besides, they keep their advertising budget low. After all, such cost will only be passed on to customers, right?


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