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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

eBay Important Changes To Feedback

I had wanted to report on the new changes to eBay's feedback policy but it always seemed like there were more important issues to write on! I don't remember how long it has been since this screenshot sat on my desktop. LOL

As you can see, each time you are about to leave a feedback to your trading partner, you will be shown this message, unless you dismiss it forever, and it says that Buyers will no longer fear of getting a negative or neutral rating because the system will not allow that to happen.

While I think that this is good in some ways, there is also negativity in it. This means that Buyers will be totally protected from a negative feedback even though they may be in the wrong, even though they may be at fault.

In any transaction, there will be the Buyer and Seller. When things go wrong, it may not be the fault of the Seller entirely. I have met ad Buyers before too though I did not leave a negative rating but this new system means that I CAN'T even if I wanted to.


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