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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Answers To "PIDM & You" Contest

Have you put in an entry to the "PIDM & You" contest? PIDM, or Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia [Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation] I have. But I am thinking that this is not an easy contest to win because it requires us to submit the most entries in order to win. Frankly, who has the time, even if there is a grand prize of RM25.000 up for grabs? So easy meh?

I did, however, submit a couple of entries whenever I have the time, hoping to win a lucky draw prize.

If you would like to participate, you still have plenty of time. Don't know the answer? Don't worry, here they are!

Answer to Q1: B. Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM)
Answer to Q2: C. RM60,000 per depositor per member bank
Answer to Q3: A. Current and savings account
Answer to Q4: C. Investment banks

If you do not know yet, what PIDM does is to sell you insurance to protect your bank deposits. Hhmm this does sound scary right? Imagine the money that you have been saving gone suddenly just like that overnight. I think that no matter if we have insurance or not, Bank Negara should protect all depositors no matter how much money we have saved with a Malaysian bank!


weikhang said...

i think u provide the wrong answer

The maximum limit of coverage under the PIDM Act is RM60,000 per depositor per member institution - Via

Cyberpartygal said...

Hey Wei Khang,

Thanks for pointing out the error to me! I got the right answer on my sheet here and luckily my entries are all correct.

Somehow as I was typing this post, someone came and distracted me and I typed the first option available. LOL!

Post has been corrected!

carklover said...

hey..i also dropped a few entries online..was doing it everyday though..but missed a few days..just wait and see ..haha..anyway just hope for the best..

CyberPartyGal said...

Hi Carklover,

I was not as dedicated and only submitted a couple of entries per person in my family. Did them all online.

Good luck to you, though. Hope you win!

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