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Saturday, 26 July 2008

The New Dollar Coins

As an online seller who keeps up with what is hot and what is not online, it never fails to amaze me that there are people who would pay a high price for collectibles. I still remember when I was a noob in online auctions and I sold a Shania Twain collectible at a price which I thought was good but the guy who bought it resold it at ten times my price. Since then, my perspective on collectibles changed.

Right now, coin collectors are all abuzz with the new dollar coin. I may not be a coin collector but it is very interesting to see the new dollar coins available. I told my mother about it since she collects coins, though not as an investment form but more as a hobby, and she told me that these Presidential coins will surely worth a whole lot more in years to come.

Check out the link provided to view the latest dollar coins if you are interested in coins!


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