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Saturday, 19 July 2008

eBay Fixed Price Listing Offer

eBay.com is running a listing promotion for all Sellers. It now costs only 25cents to list a FIXED PRICE item for sale on eBay.com, the mail eBay marketplace.

This offer is valid from 16th to 29th July, 2008 and is valid for most items listed at any price. Check out items that do not qualify for this offer by going to THIS LINK.

Normally, fixed price listing fee starts from US$0.35 to US$4 depending on the price of your item. During this promotional period, no matter what price your item is listed at, it will still only cost you US$0.25, that is, if it qualifies for this promotion.

An offer like this is great for Sellers who seek extra exposure for their products. Grab this opportunity to break into eBay.com


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