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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

For Ourselves And Loved Ones

We have often been told that when there’s life, there’s death and death is a natural process of life. Back in my grandparents’ time, I have seen them suffer unnecessarily. We did not know of and medical solutions that could help them, or even cure them of diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and perhaps even cancer.

However, now we are in 2008 where medical science has advanced so much that with just stem cells stored right now, we can determine the turnout of our health and life should we be struck with a disease or another.

I used to think that women are the “unlucky” lot but after reading the article on, I think that men are worse!

That’s because women could secure their health right now with stem cells harvested, processed and stored from menstrual fluid while men have to depend on possible matches from family. Read the C'elle Client Testimonial and you will understand that if you love life, this is something that you MUST do for yourself and your loved ones.


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