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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Is Selling On eBay Still “Fun”?

I read on a couple of international eBay forums where Sellers are complaining that it is no longer fun to sell on eBay, especially after changes on eBay feedback policy have been implemented where Sellers are not able to leave neutral, let alone negative, feedback on errant Buyers. Like I said, there are plenty of dishonest Buyers as well. I wonder if eBay knows that Sellers are being victimized by Buyers who abuse the new system. Suddenly, we see a surge of negative feedback on Sellers who prior to these changes, have little or no negative feedback at all.

Remember the early days of eBay? It was fun and exciting. People were finding stuff online that could be bought for cheap, or selling used items lying around the house and most importantly, these people were making friends and forming a community.

Well, then eBay became huge and turn commercial. This is not to say that they were never a commercial entity, but to say that they started tin increase their fees and sort of protect Buyers over Sellers when in fact, eBay is in fact making money from Sellers. However, without Buyers, there will not be transactions and business.

So if selling on eBay still fun for you or do you find it a chore? For me, I am still having fun. I try not to let the bad apples bother me.


hyperX said...

Lol... things been changed hugely over these years. More and more internet user online. Getting scam in website like ebay is common nowadays. Just hope they could fix the problem by implementing a better solution.

Cyberpartygal said...

I guess the problem is that Sellers feel unloved with all the new policies imposed. eBay are protecting Buyers more as it is.

Your Auction News said...

I still find it fun selling on eBay. Especially when my auction listings end and I see my paypal account get larger. Maybe not as large as it use too, due to the fee hikes.

But since I paid close to nothing for my inventory, I still see a good profit. I think people are not happy since they were only making a little return on their investment. Thus every penny taken away from will hurt.

Everyone needs to remember that they really make their money when they purchase their inventory. Not when they sell that inventory.

I'm still happy and having fun..

Here is to your success.


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