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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

WaMu Free Personal Checking Account

When I went to open a checking account about a year ago, I did not know that there were so many types of personal checking accounts . I took what was offered to me, which was a free checking account. After a few months, I asked my bank why I did not receive my checks, well, they told me that I have to BUY them. OH.. OK!

Today, I had the chance to go through the benefits of a WaMu Checking Account and was a little surprised that it comes with so many things that my own Checking Account lacked. For one, WaMu’s checking account comes with FREE checks, FREE check safekeeping and FREE wire transfers.

Customers of WaMu’s checking accounts could opt for interest bearing checking account, called Platinum Checking which also come with FREE checks, money orders and identity theft services. Plus, all WaMu checking account holders will be provided with a Debit MasterCard to access their funds via WaMu’s ATMs at no charge.

A long time ago, a friend asked me why I have an account with quite a few banks. Frankly, these banks could not offer me what I require, in one single account. If there is an account that could do everything for me, of course I do not wish to keep so many. It’s not easy to remember all those passwords and PINs, you know!? I think that WaMu’s checking account is an all rounder. If you are looking for a checking account, you should look at what WaMu has to offer.


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