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Friday, 8 August 2008

BB Guns & Stun Guns

A friend told me that he is interested to purchase BB Guns and Stun Guns online. I cautioned him. While there used to be people selling these on auction sites, these are actually prohibited items in Malaysia and are classified as dangerous weapons, and rightly so.

While not everyone who buys these guns is going to use them for illegal activities, the authorities are not going to take chances, you see? I told my friend that should he be caught buying these, I guess he would lose his money or maybe he would be fined as well. I don’t know for certain because I have never tried purchasing them.

I know of people who were successful in buying and selling knifes and swords like katana but these too are illegal; they are illegal to be shipped. Some people managed to go under the radar, lucky for them. But then, would everyone be willing to take the risk? I think that it is rather foolish for people to purchase prohibited items and such online. I know that these are not available locally hence they have to resort to online purchases but then why break the law? Is it worth it?


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