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Friday, 8 August 2008

Buying Mobile Phones Online

I will never encourage people to purchase mobile phones online, although in my sales history, I have sold quite a few new and used mobile devices as well. However, I think that it is a great risk for people to purchase mobile phones online, more so when they are purchasing one from international sellers.

Many think that it would be very cheap to purchase mobile devices from international auction sites and indeed, the item price is way lower than what we could get here in Malaysia. However, many, especially those who have never imported any item before, did not know that to purchase a mobile device that is not a smart phone, they would need a Approved Permit (AP) and SIRIM approval.

All these, including taxes, would add up to the total cost of the mobile device and when it is worked out like that, it would be cheaper to purchase it from a local mobile store, and let’s not even talk about the hassle and inconvenience.

So, really, think twice before making a purchase of mobile phones online. It is always a risky transaction. The stakes are high when you think that the seller may be selling a counterfeit mobile phone, or maybe he does not even have the phone counterfeit or not. And if the product is real and he did ship it to you, it may get lost in transit. If it does reach your shores, it may get detained by Customs and then the red tape starts…..


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