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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Every Moment Has A Matching Bra

I received a newsletter update from La Senza early this morning. I feel that they are sending out newsletters more regularly than previous months. Well, they have a new range of bra sets and I have to say I love this range! I still maintain that La Senza, generally, has prettier bra sets and lingerie than Victoria's Secret even though some people claim that La Senza is Victoria's Secret wannabe.

Also, right now, even though these are new bra sets, they are running a sale and bras are sold at a fantastic bargain at CAD8.50 each or three pairs for CAD39 only! of course prices are different for different designs but heh... only the cheapest for me thank you very much!

If you do not mind shopping for lingerie online, go check out the latest bra sets from La Senza right now. They are cute! I love the colors used this time!


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