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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Zero Tolerance For Counterfeit Nokia Products

I was checking out the latest news and announcements on Lelong Forum this afternoon when I came across a warning issued by Nokia that they are aware that Nokia counterfeit products are being sold rampantly on Lelong auction marketplace.

Lelong meanwhile, has issued a statement saying that they are doing their best to remove items they believe to be counterfeited and do whatever they can to keep the situation under control.

I think that these people who are selling fake products, whether on Lelong or eBay or any other marketplace are giving the site a bad name, discrediting themselves and the place they trade and causing buyers to distrust shopping online, especially bidding on items in an open auction marketplace. Well, who could blame them when they are afraid that they will get scammed or conned, right?

When genuine buyers stay away, not only will the website suffer due to loss of traffic and revenue, real Sellers will also suffer the same as well. Therefore, the quicker Lelong and in fact, eBay, get rid of these fraudsters, the better it is for all of us.


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