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Friday, 8 August 2008

Happiness Is A State of Mind

A friend told me that his friend sent him a text message saying that she is sad. I was surprised as this lady has so many things going for her. She has so much money that she could not possible finish spending this lifetime but still she is unhappy.

Actually, happiness is just a state of mind. We can make ourselves happy or we can allow our mind to wallow in deep, sad, depressive thoughts, and then we get sad. We may even get suicidal. In fact, this lady is not the only person feeling so.

I have a handful of friends who are also unhappy. Maybe they feel like they are trapped in an unhappy marriage or they feel like there is nothing going for them anymore. The ironic thing is that these ladies are rich. For people like me who are not filthy rich like them, I wonder why they cannot make full use of the money and go out and enjoy themselves. They could travel and see the world, they could go attend whatever entertainment shows or concerts, or they could even go to Genting for a casino game or two.

But why are they feeling like they are “trapped” when they could do whatever they one, as opposed to people who are financially or economically restrained?


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