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Friday, 8 August 2008

Girls’ Fashion

I visited with my friend a couple of days ago and I really had a fun time with her two daughters. They were dressed like princesses! I think that girls nowadays are so lucky, luckier than when I was a kid. They have so many clothing and accessory choices compared to my time. Clothing for girls are way more fashionable now!

My friend says that living in a temperate country for the first time, she did not even know how to dress the girls up. During their first winter there, she had to read up the guide to winter clothes, especially for children. It’s of course not as amusing as it sounds. LOL

Right now, my friend has been checking out dress clothing for girls, especially with all the parties coming up that they are obligated to attend, from Thanksgiving to Christmas to company annual dinners. What lucky girls they are. I’ve been thinking that if there were such nice girls fashion back then, my parents would not even be able to afford them! LOL


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