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Friday, 8 August 2008

Open / Close Support Tickets

This past week, I had the opportunity to submit support tickets to a handful of customer support services online. The thing that irks me is that even before the issue is resolved the tickets are closed. Why lah? I thought that closing of tickets are up to us, the customers, to determine if the issue has been resolved yet or not, then we log in to our support ticket and request the ticket to be closed?

When I, as a customer, feel that the issue is still not resolved, but I am met with a closed ticket, I feel as if I am not valued as a customer. It is as if you are telling me that my issue is unimportant and that you do not want to waste any more time on the problem, or on me. Yes, that is the signal that I receive, though I am not sure of the others.

I think that people who handle customer support who have been happily closing tickets while the issues are still not wrapped up on the customer side, should evaluate the way they handle support tickets. I know that they may receive plenty of tickets everyday and they just want to get the bulk of the tickets over and done with but that is poor, very poor, customer service. What are your thoughts?


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