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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Striking Nail Colours

This morning, my friend, Doris, asked me if I have a beauty blog. I told her that I do not have one because I am not a vain person and do not care much about beauty products. Thinking back, I used to collect nail varnish and I had a huge select of colours! The problem was that I did not have a big budget for my hobby so I could only afford the cheap stuff and they dried up on me pretty fast!

Although I hardly have time to colour my nails now, I still love doing so once in awhile. My favourite colour is of course PINK! Nails Inc. has a collection of pink nail polish called, what else, but “The pinks nail polish collection”. Did you think that it would be named something else? I am not surprised that this collection is so popular that it is currently out of stock!

I also love nail varnish that creates a contrast, like the Tuxedo Nail Polish Trio, that includes two bottles of white and a bottle of black polish. Any one of these would be attention grabbing even though the colours are so simple.

Now I really hope to revive my collection of nail varnish. I believe no longer have to buy only the cheap colours but could indulge in branded nail collections. If I could find the time, I would even love to take up nail art!


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