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Friday, 22 August 2008

Toy Shopping

If you are familiar with Ipoh Parade, you will know that there's a toy store there. This is a large store that specializes in all kinds of toys and dolls. I was there with my cousin's daughter the other day as she wanted to get a gift for her friend who was throwing a birthday party.

Wow, I have to say, when I was a kid, we never had these kinds of toys that the kids nowadays have. Even if we had the money to splurge on toys, we wouldn’t get to buy them. Now, I think that as long as you have money, you could get whatever you want.

You should see the dollhouses. They are absolutely HUGE! So huge that a small kid would be able to go IN and play with the dolls. I didn’t bother checking the price tag, though. While we were there, I kept praying that the girl would not ask for one of the dollhouses for herself! LOL


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