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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Victoria's Secret EXTRA 25% Off Clearance Items

As an avid online shopper, I try to look out for shopping deals and bargains. I love it when there are discounts. However, as a regular Victoria's Secret shopper, it pains me that it seems like I never get to beat them at their game of bargains.

Just when I thought that their prices are already low and I would not mind paying X amount for a certain Victoria's Secret item, I get an email informing me that they are having extra discount on top of their already "low price". This means that i have to go over their items once again to look for what I really want to get this time with the additional discount.

Victoria's Secret is currently holding a 3-day blitz promotion where shoppers will get to enjoy an additional 15% discount on clearance items which range from demin wear, sweaters and footwear. This offer will only last for three days and will end on Thursday, American time.

Is it cheap enough to go in now? I don't know. You tell me ....


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