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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Internet Branding

As an online business person with an online identity already after three years in business, my friend told me to change my identity because he thought that it is not appropriate. I am reluctant to do so as it would mean starting from scratch. I don't know about you, three years seems like a long time to me and it is like I have travelled a long journey. To ask me go and do everything again from the beginning, I tell you, I am seriously not keen.

However, my friend says that Internet Branding is very important and because I do not have proper branding, I might as well start all over again.

While I know that what he says is true, I think that I would rather leave this identity as it is. Since I am thinking of starting my own lingerie line, or perhaps branch off into ladies' fashion, might as well develop and internet branding for the new venture.

The problem is that I am a sole proprietor and do not have a huge budget to creating an internet brand for my company. If I do have the funds, I would surely hire an internet branding and marketing company to help me with this. I do want my brand name to go out with a bang, you know?


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