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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Beckham's Housekeepers Arrested For Theft

Victoria Beckham's parents, Tony & Jackie, were suspicious when they saw that personal items of David and Victoria and other Posh and Becks memorabilia were being auctioned off on eBay recently.

After collecting enough information from the seller(s) including asking close friends to bid on these items, Tony & Jackie, lodged a police report claiming that the seller(s) have stolen personal items from the Beckham's home where these two housekeepers, believed to be husband and wife, worked while David Beckham and Posh Spice live it up in Los Angeles where David plays soccer for LA Galaxy.

The housekeepers, Eric & June, have denied stealing these items from David & Victoria’s home but eBay has been contacted by the police and they have promised full cooperation.

I think that eBay would also try to press for the harshest penalties if Eric & June were found to be guilty so that they would serve as a lesson to all Sellers and prevent them from using eBay as a platform to dispose of stolen goods.


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