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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Will You Increase Your Handling Fee?

Much to our dismay, Pos Malaysia has quietly increased their Poslaju rates AGAIN. I am not sure if they did made an announcement somewhere recently before 1st October, 2008, maybe in the newspaper or something but I never saw it. Their website is still showing the old rates. Come on, 25% increase on surcharge is pretty steep given the fact that the price of fuel has decreased recently and may be further reduced in view of the drop in crude oil price.

In any case, I am wondering if Sellers are going to increase their handling fee. I know of many Sellers who used to charge RM10 for "shipping and handling" when RM5 was what we paid for Poslaju for packages below 500g within Peninsular Malaysia.

Now that shipping the same package would cost RM5.92, would these Sellers increase their handling fees or absorb the cost?

As a Seller, I provide subsidized shipping. For instance, if shipping by Poslaju is RM5.20, I charge RM5 only. If it's RM6.35, I charge RM6 only. And I do not have a handling fee. I wonder if this is still viable.


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