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Saturday, 15 November 2008


Recently, I have been touching on passion in venturing into niche products. If you have a passion for the product, it's half the battle won. Another important trait is discipline. I am brining this up today because I am not being very disciplined myself. My consignment has arrived in my hands for a week now and my items are still not live online yet.

I put it down to mental fatigue because of the many on-going projects but I know that if I could just spare seven hours straight, I could completely list all my items up on my store. I could not even spare that. And the time I have left after a grueling day, is rather spent relaxing.

Well, the weekend's here. It’s either I get everything done over Saturday and Sunday, or I would have to drag through the week again. I would loath that because the longer I delay, the higher my holding cost.


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