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Friday, 14 November 2008

In The Name of Charity

How much are you willing to pay someone to name after whatever you want [out of a list of 50 names] for one year? A 37-year old lady by the name of Eileen De Bont certainly thought out of the box to get some moolah in time for Christmas. Of course, her listing mentions that it's in the "name" (pun intended) of charity, namely Children in Need but read carefully; only 50% of the proceeds will go towards it. The balance goes towards her own pocketbook.

Innovative? I believe I have come across a similar auction before though I cannot remember how that auction ended. As for Eileen De Bont's currently on-going auction, it has already received seven bids and up to £1,000.00 BUT the auction has "closed" unexpectedly even though the auction end time is 2.5 days away.

Apparently, the UK Deed Poll Service has placed a bid for £1000 and gave £4000 to Children In Need. Does that mean that they have won? According to eBay rules, that does not mean anything as the auction is still live.

In any case, it looks like Eileen De Bont is already £500 richer and has to name herself Pudsey Bear for one year. Heck, I WOULD name MYSELF Pudsey Bear if I were paid £500 per year!

eBay listing: Here


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