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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hard Times

I was just telling my sister that times are hard not only in the United States but in Malaysia too. I read that Malaysia is the number four country that is least affected by the credit crunch in the United States but it does not seem to be reflected in our daily lives.

A friend just informed me that he has been laid off work. I am a little worried about him because he is already past 50 years old and let's be frank, at this age, it would be awfully difficult for him to secure a permanent job.

Still, he is going to reenter the job market and try his best. After all, he is still not at retirement age yet. He asked to help him look for templates for business resumes online because he is not web savvy. I helped him where I could because being out of job is not easy especially with dependants.

I hope that things will look up soon for all of us. Even though I am in online sales, I would be lying if I were to say that my business isn’t affected as well.


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