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Monday, 17 November 2008

Invitation To Christmas Parties

As an online "public" figure, occasionally, I am invited to parties and family celebrations by my Buyers. I am touched by their gesture for taking me as a friend, even though our relationship started off on a business footing. Even though I would like to take up these invitations, it is not always possible, unless they are nearby but that's rare.

This Christmas, I have already received a couple of invitations but I think they just invited me out of good gesture since we are so far away from each other. Still it's always fun to attend Christmas parties even if most of the guests would be strangers to me.

Whenever I have the chance to attend a party, I always try to remember how they have hosted it, so that I could "steal" some ideas for my own parties. Otherwise, I check for great party ideas. They have fresh ideas all the time that are relevant to the theme of your party. This Christmas, they already have new ideas to share with us.

Right now, I have no plans to host a Christmas dinner as I have too many projects at hand to complete but if I could find the time, I surely would adopt some Christmas party ideas from


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