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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Free Insertion on eBay Belgium

If you sell on eBay Belgium (none of my friends do), then here's good news for you. eBay Belgium is offering free insertion on their website on auctions and Buy It Now listings for Sunday, 16th November and Monday, 17th November, 2008. However, sellers would only get to enjoy this promotion if they also offer FREE domestic shipping.

This promotion is in conjunction with eBay's plans to lure people to shop for Christmas gifts on eBay and I expect to see similar promotions on other premium eBay marketplaces as well leading to the Christmas holidays.

However, I think that a two-day period is just too short for both Sellers and Buyers to enjoy such a discount. Why not just give us this offer from, let's say, 1st December to 31st December, 2008? I am sure this will provide sufficient time for Sellers to list their items and for Buyers to do their Christmas shopping.


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