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Friday, 7 November 2008

New Stocks Arrived!

I am so relieved to inform that new stocks for my Store have arrived; relieved because my previous consignment has been lost and hasn't been recovered to date. It has already been six months.

Even though I may be able to make a claim, which I have yet to do, , I am still not happy because I do not want monetary compensation. I want my stocks, stocks that I have spent time picking, stocks that I would like to replenish my Store with, and stocks that I know my Buyers would be extremely satisfied with and to think that there were plenty of Victoria's Secret in that missing consignment!

Anyway, stocks arrived in time for Christmas, which I am glad but I am not sure if I could spare enough time on photography, listing and promoting to cash in on the holiday sales. I wish I could, I just hope that there would not be other more important things taking up my time.

Working for myself, I need to be extremely careful on allotting time for different work on my plate and try to prioritize them. Hope to be able to inform you the good news that my stocks are up on my Store soon enough!


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