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Friday, 7 November 2008

Fashionable Frames

Do you notice that there seems to be more people with eyesight problem than people with perfect vision? Personally, I am long-sighted myself but you will hardly see me wearing glasses, except when it's really necessary. I think it's all because of all the reading and computer usage with strains our eyes.

My friends, who mostly need the help of eyeglasses to correct their eyesight, told me that it's not cheap to make a pair of glasses yet they do it because they will never get caught wearing the same pair daily. Yes, these girls are that vain!

Even if it's expensive, or a certain fashion is just a passing fad, they would want to own a pair. Now that we know about, they would be able to save a lot of money and still look as fashionable and up-to-date. People like them, who change their glasses all the time, would benefit most from the low prices that are offered by

If you think that will compromise on quality or design just because they are selling their frames cheaply, think again. Check out their range of frames and you will see that they are just as good!

Even though I don’t like to wear glasses, if I could look good and not hurt my pocketbook, I wouldn’t mind one bit!


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