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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Of Pots & Pans

I have an aunt who loves to collect cookware. I don't even know why when she does not throw dinner parties at all but she said that she is preparing for the day when she will cook on her son's wedding day. I find that kind of odd as her son has no plans to marry just yet.

I told her that by the time she needs her many pots and pans, there will be so many more new cookware with better designs and technology. Now, we have modern cookware like infinite circulon which I am sure she does not have in her collection, but let’s not let her know or she would insist on buying!

A friend told me of Le Creuset UK, premium cast iron cookware that not only creates delicious meals but comes in many different colours as well. Although I am not a great cook myself, I think that it’s high time we put some colours into our kitchens.

Still, if your cookware is all stainless steel, you should check out brabantia bins; steel waste bins that would match your cookware and kitchenware! I think I should get one too because I hate the black plastic waste bins that we are forced to use!


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