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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Kad Mesra Petronas Loyalty Programme

I received a notice via email and followed up by letter from Petronas Kad Mesra loyalty programme that they are going separate ways from Real Rewards. It pisses me off that I am inconvenienced TWO times just for those measly points!

A while back, when I was a member of Real Rewards, I was told that I have to join Kad Mesra instead because they have merged their loyalty programmes and Real Rewards, the company, seemed to have taken a back seat in the partnership.

Now, they are divorcing and once again, we will have to fill up a new form. You know, as we apply for a new Kad Mesra, we will only get to transfer our Kad Mesra points to the new card and not our Real Reward points.

Alternatively, we could redeem our points fully because if we were to initiate a partial redemption, the balance of points will no longer be valid. How shitty is that? What an excellent way to avoid “paying” their members! They can have their points!


Lee Mui Li said...

i felt inconvenience by them too!! so frustrated that i have to fill up forms again! can't they just transfer all information from old card to new card and send to us? sent them email regarding this but no reply as usual! from the letter, it is stated that the form is available at all petronas petrol station on 20th April....but i went there twice on that day itself and the day after but no form yet!

CyberPartyGal said...

Hi Mui Li,

I guess you are still too "early". Better go towards the end of May, before the closing date.

Jai matt said...

welcome to e-commerce malaysian style..
Seems like online application is yet to be discovered by Petronas people...
And they're making tons of money from the petroleum reserve owned by each and every malaysian citizen.

ywj said...

anyone knows where to get the form for real rewards to transfer the points?

M Norsazlan Salim said...

Dear ywj,

Please visit any nearest PETRONAS Service Station to get the form and your new mesra card.

Dear all,

I beleive that the point is worth more than money whereby the point is award based on your loyalty to the PETRONAS. That why they still insist you to fill up the form to avoid any dispiuted leter on, perhaps.

M Norsazlan Salim. Shah Alam.

Anonymous said...

Dear ALL,

Due to overwhelming response on the new programme, the card is hard to get. Yes, i'm afraid that is true. But PETRONAS is encouraging the members to actually take option 1; which is points transfer instead of redeeming on Real Rewards items as I heard many complaints that realrewards is not helping in the redemption part plus the items is just very sad especially the ones at carrefour n whatnot. Believe it or not, from word of mouth, all our points is with realrewards; not PETRONAS and the operator is giving a hard times giving it back back to the customers. You can see via redemption. Tried so many times calling RR and yada!! And every time I went to their outlet; nothing i can redeem. Same old story. Same goes to TNB. They received the same problem with this operator before and lead to divorced few yrs back. In short, PETRONAS decided to run the program, themselves and has to fork-out again for their customers. Less hassle and 100% goes back to their customers. Thank you PETRONAS! Once again. Therefore;
I opt for points transfer as advised. The online will be done at later stage as currently, all their cards are pre-approved cards. get on the spot kinda thing. On the points transfer and why you need to fill u the form, i support Mr Sazlan's feedback. Might be un-accuracy of the current data as it is under the operator, and not updated. I doubt PETRONAS willing to take the chance to transfer the points automatically knowing the fact that the card no. and points might falls under the wrong hand.

Anonymous said...

Dear M Norsazlan Salim

Thanks for the help. Petronas points is ok.

What about the points for Real Rewards? How do I transfer the points?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

today is 2nd july 09, too bad for me just discovered about this. it's already too late hahaha.., got pissed off and terus go to shell!

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