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Saturday, 10 October 2009

New CIMB Bank Bhd. Swift Code

My mother was expecting some funds into her CIMB Bank account from overseas. After more than three days and still no incoming funds, my mother made enquiries with the bank but was told that perhaps the funds were lost already.

My mother was not satisfied with the replies since this is not the first time she has been sent money this way so she persistently sought a reasonable reply from one officer after another. One finally had the presence of mind to inform my mother that perhaps it is because of the change in the bank's swift code.

My mother was pretty pissed off for not being informed of the change by the bank at all. Although Southern Bank and Bank Bumiputra-Commerce were merged for a long time now, there was no change at all until now. This officer was not able to tell my mother when this change came into effect. She just said, "Maybe in September."

Anyway, the new swift code for CIMB Bank Berhad is CIBBMYKL. For a full list of swift codes for banks in Malaysia, check this post: Swift Code For Malaysian Banks.


GALAXY screen Studio said...

hi, i interested to join affialiatte programe, but all affialiatte programes need iban and routing number.. can i know what is that and how can i get that number?

Shon said...

Thank you for your informations..I appreacited it..

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