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Friday, 19 November 2010

55% of Web Users Will Shop Online This Christmas

Internet security solutions company, Webroot, ran a survey recently and found that 55% of respondents who are web users said they will be shopping online this Christmas. Out of this 55%, 48% say they will be using Google to search for gifts, trusting the first few pages of search results.

I find this 55% pretty low, considering that shopping online is so convenient, time-saving and let's not forget, cheaper! My sister, who hardly shops online, told me that she bought three items on eBay recently, with the intention to give them out as gifts this Christmas. According to my sister, she shopped early to give time for her purchases to be delivered and then as surprised when the sellers acted so quickly to get the purchases shipped out to her. LOL

Even as American shoppers are cutting down on expenses because of record unemployment rate, I think that American retailers would still be enjoying a bumper year end because of the support from Australia shoppers who currency is as strong as the American Dollar.


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