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Monday, 8 November 2010

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday falls on 26th November this year, traditionally the first Friday following Thanksgiving. I have no idea why Black Friday even came into existence; I think it's just another excuse to shop!

My sister told me that she is already checking out Black Friday deals online and has asked me to help her to compile a list. Seriously, there are so many merchants offering various not-to-be-missed deals that I wonder how one could be at so many stores at the same time.

Indeed, Black Friday seems to be serious business. I remember reading about people queuing up outside stores early in the morning before sunrise, the sky is so dark, hence the word "black" and there were more than once when shoppers have been killed by stampedes when shoppers became disorderly and rushed into the stores as soon as the doors are open. Do you remember when even the doors were broken down?

Anyway, because my sister asked, I will be keeping a look out for Black Friday deals for her. I just told her to be careful when she goes shopping on Black Friday. There is no point getting injured just to grab something sold "slightly" cheaper than day!


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