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Friday, 19 November 2010

Business Meetings & Conferences

I attended a business conference the other day at one of the top hotels in Kuala Lumpur. While it was my first business conference and also my first visit to the hotel and I was impressed with the grandeur, one of the participants told me that the atmosphere felt quite stiff.

Well, I have no where to compare but trust her to let me know how much she is looking forward to attend a conference at Holiday Inn Italy, well-known for top of the class "sale riunioni e conferenze" which I am sure the atmosphere will be totally different. I guess different cultures work in a different way!

Anyway, I found out that the organizers of such business conferences, or even banquets, like for weddings, could easily look for the "perfect" venue by comparing hotels through websites like Holiday Inn Meetings. Whether they are looking for a small or large room, in the city or by the beach and of course, one that suits their budget, all these could be customized through the website.

One of the most challenging aspects for the organizers of business conferences is to keep delegates or participants as interested as possible. Hence, getting the right venue, with the right atmosphere, is of utmost importance!

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