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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Watch Out For Late Shoppers

As an online seller, it puzzles me all the time why shoppers love shopping at the last minute. They tend to forget that to shop online, we have to allow a few extra days for the item to be delivered and it's always more busy during the weeks close to Christmas.

Yet, some shoppers love to do so. Perhaps they didn't have the budget earlier or perhaps they are shopping for gifts for these people as an after thought. There was one time I had to deliver the gift by hand too. Luckily the recipient lives in my city and it was no a problem for me. I was happy that I could get that sale!

Whatever the reason, sometimes there are such buyers who would refuse to pay extra for express shipping and then blame the seller for the late delivery! Yes there are such people. Sometimes, it's better to pay the extra ourselves so that the purchases will be delivered on time.

I know this eats into our profit but I am sure for most of our sales, our profit margin is surely more that one or two bucks, right? This is what I do to keep everyone happy. What about you?


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