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Friday, 5 November 2010

Energy Saving Geothermal Systems

When my friend was building his million dollar home, I asked him if it would be eco-friendly and solar-powered. He said it wouldn't be energy-independent, unfortunately. According to him, solar technology is not advanced so it is not dependable. I have a dream that when I build my own home, I would like it to be as energy independent as possible. After listening to him, who is an engineer, I thought that it wouldn't be possible, at least not in the near future.

However, I feel disappointed that my friend did not do his research before giving me this information on solar energy. GeOasis is a leading company that provides geothermal heating and cooling solutions the natural way.

Using geothermal systems by GeOasis, we can heat or cool indoor spaces like homes and offices, all using solar energy from the earth. Using this solar energy, it will power the geothermal heat pump to cool the house during hot summer days and to heat it during the cold winter. As you can see, this system works both ways. In addition, it also supplies the house with hot water.

Using GeOasis Systems, one can expect to save lots of money because natural energy is used. Also, the lifespan of these systems is said to be about 30 years, which means that once the system is installed, we don't have to worry about it except for regular maintenance.


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