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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Shoptimist Social Shopping

With renewed focus on social media, PayPal has created an application on Facebook called Shoptimist, which functions like Groupon. The more people buy an item, the cheaper it gets. I don't know if the deals will be limited to our friends (or contacts) only, or all users of Shoptimist.

In addition, people who use Shoptimist would be entered into sweepstakes, which popular electronic consumer devices to be won. I don't know how this one works yet, or if it will be limited to residents of the United States. You know how difficult it is to ship electronics out of the country, with taxes and what-not.

PayPal is not the first company to offer group deals and social shopping but it could easily grow to be the most popular since they have one of the easiest methods of payment!


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