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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Buying The Wrong Item

I went to a pharmacy to pick up my monthly supply of supplements. I almost didn't bring enough cash because everything is more expensive now. It feels as though prices increase every month! I came home and realized that the facial wash that I bought was for "normal skin" instead of the "oily skin" that I wanted.

Well, I didn't go back to ask for an exchange because the shop doesn't carry it, as far as I remember. I blame myself for not looking more carefully. Perhaps, the sales man tricked me into purchasing it since I mentioned three times that I wanted the "oily skin" facial wash. And yet, he didn't tell me that he doesn't sell that.

Or perhaps he was too preoccupied with the lady who asked him about treatment of eczema that he didn't hear me. In any case, this is a good lesson to me. I will triple check my purchases next time before leaving the store.


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