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Monday, 6 December 2010

Malaysia Year End Sale - M-Yes 2010

Although the Malaysia Year End Sale or M-Yes for short, kicked off throughout the country on 29th November, 2010, and I have been out window shopping since then, I haven't seen anything that I would say is a lot more cheaper than before 29th November, 2010.

I have also been to a few "Member Day Sale" and even with discounts, though not steep, I don't see anything worth buying. Seriously. Maybe I am an extremely discerning shopper, though I do sometimes let my guard down, but I feel that sale or not, there is not much difference in the prices of merchandise at shopping malls.

Well, maybe the atmosphere is different since more people are out bargain hunting. Maybe it's the holiday season too. Anyway, M-Yes will conclude on 2nd January, 2011. Hopefully, I will be able to bag some bargains!


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