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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Buying Physical Gold

My friend asked me to accompany her to buy gold. I was surprised to learn that she wants to buy physical gold when she could do it through a bank or online, without having to physically touch the gold. I discouraged her as it is risky and I definitely won't find the time to go along with her to buy her gold physically. It's the most unwise thing to do.

There are quite a number of reputable, licensed gold dealers to buy gold from and I think that is he proper way to do it. Buying gold in this time and age is no longer a hassle like it was in my grandmother's time, where she would ask her children to accompany her to the goldsmith, feeling scared of being robbed the entire trip to town and back.

In any case, I hope she will heed my advice and be more sensible in her purchase of gold.


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