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Monday, 17 January 2011

Custom Print Business Cards

I visited a property fair the other day. It was totally unplanned so when I was asked for my business card, I didn't have any on me. Besides, even if I did, I would think twice about giving them out. These cards are of my old online retail business which desperately needs a revamp. I am thinking of printing new cards once I have a new logo, and perhaps even a new tagline.

Actually, I have also been looking for a new designer and printer. I don't want to use my previous online printer anymore because I found difficulty maneuvering the website. A friend recommended me her online printer, which she recently printed a batch of hair salon business cards which she is extremely satisfied with. She said she will show me her new cards later.

In addition to business cards, I am also thinking of printing matching stationery. I understand that if I were to get the whole set from the same printer, I can save some money and I like that! Anyway, it is better to get everything from the same printer since it's more convenient. My friend didn’t print matching stationery, unfortunately, so she couldn’t give me information on that.

Never mind, I still have time since I need to look for a logo designer first.


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