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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Magician Paul Daniels Off Loads Props On eBay

Well-known British magician, Paul Daniels, is off-loading thousands of Pounds of magic props on eBay, saying that it's cheaper to make props than to store them. What's nice is that besides selling them, Paul Daniels also promises to teach the trick to its new owner.

Paul Daniels is held in high esteem in the world of magic and is an inner circle member of the "Magic Circle", a magicians' society. Members are not to disclose any magic secrets to non-magicians or they will be expelled from the society.

According to Paul Daniels, many of his props that he is putting up on eBay are no ordinary prop as they have been used by other famous magicians as well. It's normal to sell magic props among magicians, you see, so Paul Daniels is certainly not the first owner of these props. Besides, these props have been used by Paul Daniels in his magic shows so that should add to the value too.

I have always been interested in magic but I don't think I am capable of carrying out illusions smooth enough to trick my friends!


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