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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

HydroCar On eBay For US$777,777

If you are so rich that you already have most things, what else do you need? How about a HydroCar? This special HydroCar was built over a span of nine years and I-don't-know how much money and now the inventor is letting it go on eBay. At first, his opening price was a cool million dollars but seeing now much response, he reduced it to US$777,777 and bids started picking up.

According to Rick Dobbertin, the inventor, he has been getting many ridiculous offers for his school-bus-yellow HydroCar but there are also serious bidders. It really is a very special vehicle, though Rick says that it still needs some work done on it. Perhaps the buyer should engage Rick to do whatever still needs to be done on the vehicle.


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